3rd day of my trip! (sightseeing in San Francisco #3) Mar.6

I met a Japanese guy by chance in the breakfast and made a friends with him. 

He had just finished his extension program in UC Irvine and he came to Youth Hostel to take 4 days trip around San Francisco for sightseeing. We decided to go to AT&T park because he likes Baseball so much. 

It's a good idea to go around city like SF with friends, but you know, we are in the U.S. and both of them are willing to use English and improve our English level. So we made a rule between us that we talk to each other in English. 

Anyway, this is the photo of a hero of Giants and me.


We, 2 Japanese guys met other Japanese tourists group here. They have just finished their English program in Missouri. And then, we made friedns with them and joined a tour in AT&T park!!!

Here is the amazing view of it.

Have you felt like baseball or catch?

AT&T Park



After say good-bye to Japanese guys, we went to Japan town and had a lunch in Japanese style restaurant. I ate Katsu Carry there.


After that, we went to Science academy of California!

It costs 30$ for one student! but it was worth paying.



I like exhibition called "Color of life" sponsoured by Google because I like ecology and it's very interesting that every colors of life has important meaning to live, defence themselves, attract female etc. Actually, some of women are more colorful than some of men but male is more colorful than female in most species. That's fany hah?


I want to upload all of photos I took here but I can't because there are so many things to see. I'm so sorry. You should go to this amazing museum and see it on first hand.

However, let me show one of my favorite photo here.

This is the photo I took in a souvenir store here.

You know, Disney has made a new series of STAR WARS and is very popular here! in the U.S. of course! Disney and california academic sciences colaborated! Disney is very good at advertising! 


We also went to the museum with this world famous statue "The thinker" by Rodin. 



Do you know what he is thinking about?

Time, peace, life or something abstract and sophisticated? 

Or, going out with a pretty girl?


I'm not sure, but I was thinking about some food problems in the U.S. in Super Duper that is popular burger shop.

Super Duper | Fast food burgers. Slow food values.



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