2nd day of my trip! (sightseeing in San Francisco #2) Mar.5

I met a wonderful girl who is one of TOBITATE scholarship student and is studying architecture & sustainable city planningin in North Carolina. I also met one of her Japanese friend coming from Japan and had a so big amount of lunch at Fisherman's Wharf. They were more cheeful and looked having more fun about their trips abroad than anybody I have ever met. So, thanks to them, I enjoyed sightseeing around Fisherman's Wharf so much.






After waving good-by to them, I went to "de Young Memorial Museum" because I like art. It was amazing! What is needed to understand or feel art isn't any language, English for example, but your heart. So, it was very good idea for me to enjoy sightseeing here. Moreover I don't have to care about the weather, so it was nice place to go on terrible rainy day. 


At night, people around the streets near the hotel were so noisy that I had difficulty sleeping because it is Saturday today and the hotel is located in downtown near Union Square. I think they were drank and had some drugs.