1st day of my trip! (sightseeing in San Francisco #1) Mar.4

I've got so tired and went to bed early because I was so excited on the flight from Narita international airport to San Francisco international airport and did't sleep well. I had a jet lag. However, I have walked around the streets near Union Square because I had arrived the hotel at 11 a.m. and had to wait to check in starting at 3 p.m.

There are too many things to discribe. So, let me show you only 3 things that I got surprised.


!st, San Francisco has lot of rain in this season! I assumed that it's usually sunny here.

It was silly of me that I believed it's sunny in everywhere in California and didn't care at all about .the weather.


2nd, the slops are so steep! Thanks for them, I could take a good excercise. I could understand why the cable car is here.


3rd, greeting is really important. I think Japanese people are not good at greeting because in our culture, we can sometimes communicate each other without greetings, but American people exchange greetings so much and they are really good at it. I'd like to get my greeting skills better.


Well, let's stop here for the time being.